Corporate Bios

A corporate biography sells you to the world. It is a portrayal of your person, a snapshot of your life and who you aim to be. It hints at where you have been, and perhaps, where you want to go.

With a corporate world dominated by LinkedIn, Facebook and online media, your first impression is more important than ever. Is your bio really up to standard?

How does it happen?

A product of my creative style, investigative questioning and professional involvement, my biographies ignore the common style of plain fact. Instead, I present your story to the world. And so I will learn about you. I will ask you many questions. I will read all that I can find on you. I will learn your achievements, aspirations, and desires. I will walk the path that led you to where you stand today. I will find the obstacles that tripped you, and the motivation that got you back on your feet.

I will take all that I can of your life and your journey and I will put into words the essence of who you have become in your corporate success. I will tell the world of your virtues, your strengths and your excellence. I will give to them the very best you.


Biographies are available from $0.50 per word and can be tailored to suit your profession and purpose.

Packages can include multiple versions in first and third person, as well as abridged versions intended for publication where rapid information delivery to readers is required.

Who have I written?

Ryan Crawford – Crawford Property Group founding director

Terry Katz – Platinum Labs founder

Matthew Low – Platinum Labs founder

Tracey Jewel – celebrated author

Ivanna Fontana – international fashion stylist

Yasmin Basili-Miller – Athlete

Jake Ruwhiu – Athlete

Ebony Page – Champion bodybuilder and Miss World Australia

Dee Dwyer – Model and actor

And many more.