ar-czyk is an Australian shoe label designed by Nicholas Wlodarczyk, purveyor of fine fashion and self-admitted lover of gentleman’s shoes. Pronounced ‘ar-check’, ar-czyk is an offering a range of dapper dress and casual shoes for the gentleman seeking to celebrate contemporary, European fashion.

Born and bred in Queensland, Nicholas has always had a passion for fashion and shoes. His love of European fashion comes from his mother and father, both of European heritage. In particular, his mother had a penchant for European shoes and his father for suits, but both for regular holidays. It was this travel habit that gave Nicholas a youth spent in cities all over the world, and an exposure to European style and fashion.


Nicholas followed his love of fashion into tertiary studies, completing a bachelor of fine arts at QUT, with a major in fashion design, a natural choice for a man with a love affair for style. Nicholas identified a gap in the domestic market for men’s shoes produced by an Australian designer. And so ar-czyk was born with the goal to bring European sensibility to the Australian market at an affordable price.

Launched in 2014, the inaugural, and current, collection is entitled English Summer, and is inspired by the dapper English gentleman. Golf days, cocktails on the terrace, summer events, they all apply. A bold mix of brogues and slippers, Nicholas’ has been unafraid to draw upon strong colours and reflective surfaces, and blend them with classic textures and elegant style.


Nicholas’ pick of the English Summer collection is the Tartan Slipper, a choice he shares with his father, who still sports a pair at age 62. They both agree it to be a timeless shoe that will impart elegant style upon any wearer. But Nicholas prefers to dress his down, matching them with a pair of jeans or chinos and a crisp white shirt or polo.

When it comes to those lucky enough to sport a pair of ar-czyk shoes, Nicholas promotes an adventurous sense of personal style. ‘If you want to wear purple suede with electric blue cinos,’ he says,’ do it.’


The successful launch of the 2015 collection hasn’t slowed Nicholas down. When asked of his predictions of future footwear trends, he believes that men’s shoes will hold to the dapper course for a little longer, but will move to encompass more creative colours and appliques – a style he intends to embrace.

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